Hongtai Aplus was founded in 2014 by renowned entrepreneur Mr. Yu Minhong and former Chairman of Huatai United Securities Mr. Sheng Xitai. Thanks to its outstanding ability in research and focused investment layout, Hongtai Aplus has achieved rapid development and emerged as a top tier investment platform highly acknowledged in the business.
With investment ability and high awareness on compliance and risk management being the two fundamental genes, Hongtai Aplus currently manages funds worth RMB 30 billion and focuses on five major investment fields, including information technology, advanced manufacturing, pharmacy & medical care, consumption & education and new materials.

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    Thanks to unique founder group, Hongtai Aplus is familiar with every step of the start-ups towards IPO.
    Therefore, it has a wide and deep influence among Chinese entrepreneurs and listed companies.

    Yu Minhong, Founding Partner of Hongtai Aplus and Founder of New Oriental, Chairman of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, Member of the Central Standing Committee of the China Democratic League, and Member of the 11th, 12th and 13th CPPCC National Committee.

    For more than 20 years, Mr. Yu Minhong has been committed to the education and growth of Chinese youth. New Oriental was successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange on September 7, 2006, becoming China's first education and training institution listed in the United States. On March 28, 2019, Loolearn was also listed in Hong Kong. At present, New Oriental has emerged as China’s largest and most influential private education brand and industry leader. On November 9,2020,New Oriental achieved its second listing at the Stock Echange of Hong Kong and turned to be the first large-scale Chinese educational enterprise that returned to Hong Kong stock market.

    Mr. Yu Minhong also actively promoted rural education and encouraged the balanced development of education in China. He once won the "National Award of Poverty Alleviation Dedication".

    At the press conference for the establishment of Hongtai Aplus, Yu Minhong set a new life goal: stand side by side with the Chinese younger generation and help them grow.

    Sheng Xitai, Founding Partner、Chairman of Hongtai Aplus, and former Chairman of Huatai United Securities.

    Mr. Sheng Xitai is one of the most important participants in the early stage of China's capital market in 1990s. In his 20 years work experience as an investment banker, Mr. Sheng Xitai has been involved in IPOs for over 100 companies and nurtured a top-tier M & A team in China's capital market.

    As a venture capital investor, Mr. Sheng Xitai has provided investment for a number of unicorn and quasi-unicorn companies, including Huimin, Singlera Genomics, Kunlun Fight, IntelliCredit, UCommune, Werewolf, Hanyi Fonts, Edianzu, DeepInFar and KK Group.

    In his career, Mr. Sheng Xitai has received plenty of honors, such as been selected as one of “100 People of 100 Years in the History of Nankai Economics” published by Nankai University, “Top 100 most influential investors” at Davos Global FOF summit 2019, “Top 100 Venture Capitalists” of 2018-2019 by Forbes China, “2017 TOP 30 Chinese Investors " by Sina.com, "2017 Outstanding Financiers" of Wall Street CN and "2015 China's Top10 Finance People".

    His unique background and expertise enabled him to create Hongtai Aplus’ culture of professionalism and deep structured investment layout.

    Mr. Sheng Xitai concurrently serves as the co-chairman of the National College Student Alliance for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and the co-chairman of the China Youth Alliance for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and the Vice President of China Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

    He also served at many social positions in the past, including been a member of the Standing Committee of the National Youth Federation, vice chairman of the Youth Federation of the Central Government Departments, vice chairman of the Youth Federation of the Central Enterprises.


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