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Today is

In the prosperous birthday, all colleagues in Hongtai wish the motherland a happy 70th birthday!

Time:2019-09-30 11:10:54


70 years of turbulent change


Generations of Chinese continue to struggle


Bring together the glory and dreams of the motherland


Thank you for your prosperity and prosperity, and thank you for your original intention!


We are about to usher in the 70th birthday of New China. In the magnificent 70 years, the Communist Party of China led the people of all ethnic groups in the country, forged ahead, and achieved leapfrog economic and social development.


Among them, the fund industry has made tremendous contributions to serve the real economy and serve the wealth management of the people.


Hongtai, as a group enterprise that has established a full life cycle investment management platform, has always adhered to the value of "adult, self-creating and sharing" and is committed to becoming an outstanding industrial integrator and innovation promoter to serve entrepreneurship The whole cycle of development is the concept of service industry, dedication to society, and professional return to the country.


—— We often ask, what can I do for the motherland?


—— In fact, shining brightly where you are is the best answer. After all, the place where you stand is China.


It is the country that changes dramatically




It is our eternal heart!


-Ask the motherland to believe in the power of the fund-

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