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"ikingtec" completed tens of millions of Yuan A round of financing, Hongtai focused on

Time:2020-06-09 11:12:54


Recently, the intelligent industrial drone company "ikingtec" officially announced the completion of the A round of tens of millions of yuan in financing, Hongtai Fund followed suit.

Founded in March 2017, ikingtec is a company that uses artificial intelligence as the core, industrial-grade drones and its fully automated airports as carriers, and provides industry-level users with machine, network and cloud integrated system solutions.

The founder Chen Fangping said that this round of financing will be used to continue to deepen AI technology and industrialization, improve production capacity, create high-stability and high-reliability air-ground integrated robots, continue to develop more advanced product technologies, and solve industry pain points. , And enrich the business scope in specific applications.

The founder, Dr. Chen Fangping, graduated from the Computer Department of Peking University. He studied under Gao Wen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and an artificial intelligence expert. He has nearly 10 years of R&D experience in electronic engineering and computer software and hardware collaboration, computer vision and sensor intelligent system multiple integration, and more National patents. He was once awarded the title of "Young Eagle Talent" in Zhongguancun, and was rated as "Pioneer in Science and Technology Entrepreneurship" by the China Science and Technology Association. Most of the team members are doctors and masters from famous universities at home and abroad, such as Peking University, Tianda University, China University of Science and Technology, Nankai, Beihang University, King's College London.

The industrial-grade unmanned aerial system independently developed by ikingtec Intelligent includes the "killer whale" unmanned aerial vehicle and "tiger cave" fully automatic airport, and has been deeply applied in many fields such as power, petroleum, fire protection, security, and smart city. Scenarios include power line and equipment patrol inspection, fire patrol, emergency command, oil facility safety monitoring, public safety and border defense, etc. The main customers are mainly large enterprises and governments, including State Grid, Sany Heavy Industry, top oil service companies Lemberger et al.

"Orca" industrial-grade UAV: carbon fiber integrated molding, professional aerodynamic design, so that it has a maximum life of 70 minutes, can automatically replace the battery, automatically replace more than ten kinds of pod sensors.

"Tiger Cave" fully automatic airport: with industrial-grade three-proof capability, it can be deployed in the wild to automatically replace batteries and pods for "killer whale" drones, and realize uninterrupted, gridded, multi-field patrols for drones The ability to inspect. "Tiger Cave" is also equipped with a core computing unit, which becomes an edge computing node and a 5G communication node.

 "ikingtec Smart" completed tens of millions of yuan in A round of financing, Hongtai focused its support (Figure 2)


ikingtec Intelligent's complete set of industrial-grade UAV solutions have 70 minutes of battery life, can automatically replace batteries, automatically replace more than ten kinds of pod sensors, and realize the uninterrupted, gridded, multi-field patrol and inspection capabilities of drones .

Based on centimeter-level real-time three-dimensional real-world modeling technology of unmanned aerial vehicles, the real physical world can be mapped 1:1 to the digital world to form a three-dimensional stereo electronic sandbox, and existing industrial Internet of Things (IOT) devices can be connected to it. The "Whale" UAV and "Tiger Cave" fully automated airport run through it as industry infrastructure and interact in real time. Together with ikingtec's powerful artificial intelligence technology, computer vision algorithms, and efficient multivariate data fusion capabilities and analysis platforms, it provides a full set of solutions for industrial users in various fields.

Traditional unmanned aerial vehicles need to be controlled by manual remote control, the flight distance is limited, data collection and data download depend on the pilot, data analysis and processing rely on industry experts, the cycle is extremely cumbersome, and industry personnel need to be specially trained and lost The unmannedness, precision, and immediacy that the UAV should have.

ikingtec's intelligent system truly realizes all unmanned, automatic and intelligent. The UAV can take off from an automatic airport thousands of miles away. According to the application scenario, it can automatically carry the corresponding pod sensors to collect data, real-time data Back to pass, automatically analyze the data through the AI algorithm to get the industry report. The UAV is fully autonomous, avoiding human misoperation, ensuring flight accuracy and immediacy, and the collected data is more standardized, which is conducive to data structure.

Taking electric power inspection as an example, ikingtec Intelligent has implemented a fully autonomous and uninterrupted inspection, so that electric power inspection workers can complete electric power inspection services without leaving the house. Under the traditional manual operation mode, a line patrol worker can only inspect 3-5 grade electric towers a day across mountain and river areas, and there is a greater safety risk. ikingtec Intelligent's unmanned aerial vehicles can complete the patrol inspection of the 30-level tower in one voyage, and can achieve flying and uninterrupted patrol inspection, and night patrol inspection, and the efficiency is exponentially improved.

At present, more than 90% of the enterprises in the country are still using manual inspections for electricity, oil pipelines, photovoltaics, factory parks, etc.; 90% of government business departments also rely on manual inspections for rivers, forests, transportation, environmental protection, etc. ; 99% of UAV equipment needs manual remote control. At present, in the field of industry-level intelligent patrol and inspection solution providers and industrial fully automatic UAV systems, ikingtec has become a head company, leading the data in revenue scale, number of customers, market share and other data.

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