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PENSEES Technology sets three world records, consolidates the advantages of technology and...

Time:2020-06-28 11:13:46

Recently, PENSEES Technology has obtained the best results in the industry in the first three major ReID (Person Re-identification) data set test Market1501, DukeMTMC-reID, and CUHK03. Set a new world record. Hongtai led the PENSEES Technology's tens of millions of angel rounds of financing in September 2018, and participated in its tens of millions of Pre-A rounds of financing in January 2019. He has always been a firm supporter of his growth path.

This time, PENSEES Technology has achieved a significant increase in the Rank-1 key indicators on the three major data sets. At present, it has reached 96.73% on the Rank-1 indicator of Market 1501, leading Alibaba, Tencent, Dahua and Yuncong. Technology and other head manufacturers.


 PENSEES Technology set three world records, consolidating the dual advantages of technology and application (Figure 1)

Pedestrian re-recognition refers to pedestrian matching in a non-overlapping view domain multi-camera network, that is, to confirm whether the pedestrian targets captured by cameras in different positions at different times are the same person, in public safety, smart retail, smart transportation, and smart cities And other fields have high application value. At present, Reid's self-developed ReID algorithm has been applied in multiple business scenarios in different industries.

Founded in 2018, PENSEES Technology is an artificial intelligence company that focuses on computer vision and Internet of Things technology and provides comprehensive application solutions for the industry. In less than a year, PENSEES Technology has successfully completed three rounds of financing, and announced in April 2019 that it has completed 150 million yuan of round A financing.

According to Song Nan, executive director of Hongtai Fund:

As the AI industry enters the stage of industrialization dominated by commercialization, the current AI industry track that is most in line with the status quo of AI development and can relatively generate large-scale income, the security industry is considered to be the best subdivided industry and application scenario. One.

On the one hand, at the technical level, the advantages of China’s populous country naturally result in our data volume being much richer than other countries, and the data is the “production materials” of the AI industry, so our country’s face recognition/image recognition technology—— This core technology based on the security industry is at a leading level in the world.

On the other hand, at the application level, current so-called machine learning or deep neural networks are still essentially statistical and cannot cope with all emergencies. Therefore, the security field of "grab more bad guys without disturbing good people" is currently the most suitable industry for AI to land, that is, not to seek to know everyone, but to know people who have potential risks. The characteristics are consistent with the needs of its users.

Focusing on the PENSEES company itself, Song Nan said that first of all, in terms of technical strength, the high attention paid to technological R&D innovation and the introduction of highly sophisticated talents has made PENSEES always in a leading position in the industry. In March 2019, Peng Si introduced Shen Shuangmei, the top scientist in the field of global computer vision and deep learning, as the chief scientist, and established the Singapore Research Institute, which consolidated the company's underlying algorithms and gave Peng Si more technical advantages.

Secondly, in Song Nan's view, what is more important is that the Singapore Research Institute team was born from the Panasonic (Singapore) Research Institute, and is naturally oriented to product applications. It also knows how to combine technology and applications for commercial landing.

In the end, what touched Song Nan more was that during the rapid expansion of the business, Ma Yuan, CEO of PENSEES Technology, has always been tireless in learning and understanding the development and changes of the entire industry. Its own ability to iteratively upgrade, transform and evolve is very valuable. Song Nan expressed his pleasure to witness their growth step by step.

PENSEES Technology is committed to digging into scenarios for user needs, discovering industry pain points in business scenarios and constantly polishing algorithms and products, and truly applying technology to business scenarios. Up to now, PENSEES Technology's solutions in various industries have successfully landed in more than 50 cities across the country, serving more than 150 customers. Deploying dynamic face recognition sites across the country, arresting nearly 2,000 fugitives in total, and serving as the security work for many large-scale national activities.

In the future, PENSEES Technology will continue to strengthen technological innovation, adhere to the "industry + AI" strategy, and further penetrate the vertical industry, providing technology and software for the entire industry chain for safe cities, smart communities, smart parks, smart transportation, and smart manufacturing. Hardware product solutions promote AI industrialization.

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