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Hongtai Fund leads the investment, and China Model International completes a new round of financing

Time:2021-01-11 13:31:32

Recently, China Model International announced the completion of a new round of financing of several hundred million yuan, with Hongtai Fund leading the investment.

Founded in 2012, China Model International is a leading industrial ecological platform company in China's construction formwork industry. China Model International pioneered the "Form Bank" model in the industry, providing one-stop wholesale leasing services for small and medium-sized renters.

After the completion of this round of financing, Sinomo International will further strengthen the platform's digital service capacity building around smart climbing frames, aluminum alloy templates, glass fiber templates and other categories, and continue to provide customers with value-added services of "two provinces and one fast".

Li Yonglin, managing director of Hongtai Fund, said: With the in-depth penetration of the industrial Internet into various sub-sectors and years of hard work, we have seen that many industrial Internet companies have already achieved large-scale profitability. China Model International is an excellent company in the industrial Internet track that we have been paying attention to. As one of the very few teams in the industry with both Internet and construction industry thinking, the founder Han’s team has continued to innovate and polish the digital business model of the mold base industry for many years. , Has been fully verified and rapidly expanded. We are very optimistic about the rapid growth of Sinomo in the future, and we are very happy to participate in the digital transformation and upgrading of the construction industry with Sinomo International.

Han Zhiyong, Chairman of China Model International, said: There are a lot of scenarios and opportunities for cost reduction and efficiency increase in my country's construction industry. After nearly eight years of continuous exploration and upgrading, the digital business model of China Model International's mold base assets has completed the process from model exploration, verification, correction to batch copying, and is in the stage of rapid breakthrough in scale.

China's mold base industry is in the golden time window of industrial upgrading. Industrial upgrading mainly focuses on two aspects: one is product upgrade, and the other is model upgrade. The increase in labor costs forces the mold base industry to upgrade products and improve efficiency, and model innovation is to reorganize the entire industry's management chain and supply chain. China Model International is leading the restructuring of the industrial chain during the product upgrade window.

Through digital formwork assets, standardized delivery processes, and national layout of industrial parks, China Model International has solved the pain points of the mismatch of time, specifications and space in the formwork leasing industry, effectively improving the delivery efficiency of the leasing industry and greatly reducing it Management costs.

With the business strategy of “setting standards, building pools, and digitizing”, Sinomo International aims to improve efficiency and expand value-added business around the trillion-level mold base asset supply chain. The scale of actual assets under management has exceeded one hundred million yuan. Model innovation and other aspects are at the leading level in the industry.

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