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Hongtai Fund focuses on support, and Banbu completes a new round of financing

Time:2020-11-26 13:33:13

On November 26, the "Investment Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony" was held smoothly. Local government leaders, China's top investment institutions, and important financial partners witnessed this important moment.

Under the verification of all the guests, Hongtai Fund participated in the signing of the investment strategic cooperation agreement. This time, Banbu introduced strategic-level partners, which will help the rapid development of the brand and promote market growth.

Welcome to learn about the latest trends of "Bangbu" of the new members of Hongtai Family, the following enjoy~

Benny, the managing director of Hongtai Fund, believes that Huanlong New Material (Banbu) is a company with a moat. First of all, it was born from the to B gene-invented a new environmentally friendly papermaking technology. The use of biomass papermaking technology retains the bamboo quinone antibacterial properties of bamboo, the bamboo fiber has the characteristics of no confetti, no bleaching, no harmful additions, and becomes The only company in the market that uses pure bamboo pulp to make paper.

After that, it successfully developed the to C business and created the "Bangbu" brand. In just five years, it became the fifth largest domestic paper brand enterprise with national distribution channels and the first brand in the field of natural paper. The company is the only full-industry business enterprise that integrates bamboo seed research and development, pulping, papermaking, processing, and brand operation. In the future, it will cooperate with domestic and foreign research institutions to further develop a complete industrial chain for the full use of bamboo materials.

We invested in Babel. First, we recognized the company's successful combination of technology and consumption, and practiced the new economy and new consumption concept of "all consumer products are worth redoing"; secondly, its founder, Ms. Shen Genlian, "brands good "The concept of environmental protection is also a business attitude that should be promoted in today's society.

Ms. Shen Genlian, the chairman of Huanlong Group and the founder of Banbu, said: Banbu's "brand for good" concept is by no means empty words. It must be integrated into our technology, products and the entire production process. Natural tissue paper is just the beginning of ours. What we have been doing since the beginning of our establishment is the development of full-price utilization technology of bamboo fiber. Only through this method can we achieve our commitment to the environment, respect for nature, and realize the maximum use value of bamboo fiber, and then feed back the bamboo farmers. Thanks to many partners today for providing us with a broader platform to help us achieve our ideals, and we look forward to a win-win situation in the future.

The signing ceremony also launched the public welfare initiative of "Raising New Dreams and Caring for Her". The SDIC Group will join hands with Babu to enter Liangshan Prefecture and donate 7,000 boxes of female health care products to impoverished female students. Mr. Wang Weidong, Chairman of SDIC Venture Capital, Ms. Li Liying, Deputy Director of the Party and Mass Work Department of SDIC, Mr. Luo Chongshen, Deputy Secretary of Yalongjiang, Ms. Shen Genlian, Chairman of Huanlong Group, and Ms. An Ronghui, Vice Chairman of Liangshan Prefecture Women’s Federation participated in the opening ceremony.

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